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AN ADVENTURE OF THOUGHT by Pascual Mercuri - Jan 2008

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Let's think together !

Space’s infinite magnitude makes us think about a different concept of our senses’ common dimensions.

Limits not existing makes it impossible to determine the spatial references of our X, Y, and Z axes, therefore the infinite and immanent space rejects the limited idea of width, height, length and time.

The facts science registers as time and the same terms we use to write and think, all of them which refer to an entity the practicality of our ancestors named “time”, don't make sense in an universe that didn’t have a beginning and also won’t have an end.

The facts we award the temporal substance are mere modifications of the not yet measured energy’s state that exists in the cosmic scale of our universe.

The primal state of the universe was cosmic, orderly.

The first energetic wrinkle of the cosmic scale, that is to say the first infinitesimal unbalance of that order generated the chaotic concentration we call “matter”.

From that first wrinkle, space itself wanted to immediately establish the former balance. In this process, the energetic pressure causes a second modification to that state, hence another accumulation of energy, in other words, more matter.

Matter is the anomaly of the energy framework that human knowledge still can’t measure, what the ancient called “ether”, what Michelson and Morley denied, what Bell’s experiment we believe suggests.

This first anomaly made the first foreign occupation to the cosmic framework to force it to once again occupy that usurped place and modify what we call “gravity”.

Gravity is not the attraction that a body’s mass exerts on its circumstance, but the force or pressure that spatial energy creates to occupy and establish the broken balance by the body’s mass, that is to say, the intruded place by the energetic wrinkles.

If we consider what astronomy knows today as the observable universe and we relate its magnitude to the quantity of matter created in it, we’ll have a minimal idea of the existent disproportion.

Matter is not the essential part of the universe, but the space that contains it.

The big bang could have never created time and space because the former nothingness is less conceivable than immanence since it is united and timeless, making the continuous modifications caused by that first of the cosmic scale and creating gravities may well help to conceive an idea of a more plausible universe to our understanding than the magical explosion.

This idea of chaotic self-occupation of space with the consequent gravitational pressure on its very own anomaly could give an explanation to a quantity of phenomenons known by science.

We call it chaotic as opposed to cosmic because it’s absolutely random, therefore unpredictable.

The mathematical formulas applied to nature are a mere approximation that give answers to humanity’s tiny actions from a practical point of view.

Matter doesn’t exist if it’s not through the concept of energetic modification of space.

A vision devoid of the traditional concept of matter will make us comprehend that the universe is space. When this space is occupied mostly by its anomalies we are in the presence of a center of high gravity that simultaneously generates more spatial pressure, and so it continues. Hubble’s theory of the expanding universe is based on an illusion produced by the energetic density of the spatial scale through distance, which produces a false doppler effect.

Time doesn’t exist because the universe is timeless.

Limits to space don’t exist, therefore it is dimensionless.

With these principles, the use of clocks and the rules is useless at a universal scale. The mathematical formulas and the experimental methods are valid at a human scale.

The dark matter and the background radiation can well be manifestations of the undetected energy we are talking about. All the phenomenons: strong force, weak force, electromagnetism, gravity, atomic interaction, magnetism, could be a consequence of it.

When cosmic energy is disturbed by a chaotic manifestation it produces all the characteristics that are known in matter. Its function is to establish cosmos against chaos. From there, nuclear chaos is the sine of the stars, the vertices around the galactic centers, quasars, neutron stars, the unstable state of supernovas, cosmic rays, neutrino, the anti matter. This chaotic set is infimum compared to the universe, the remainder is space/energy. Therefore that proportion could never have been the product of a singularity given that the idea of the before-nothing is inconceivable to the universe that is mostly space.

The cosmic state is immanent.

The matter’s state is chaotic.

That minority cannot produce neither expansion nor contraction.

The chaotic process is and will be.

Going back to the theory of the expanding universe, let's consider that our galaxy is A, and another galaxy is located 10.000.000 light years away. We’ll call it galaxy B.

By the law of expansion its recessional velocity is of approximately 260.000 kilometers per second.

Now, let’s place ourselves in B and observe A, which will be moving away from B at the same speed determined by the law of expansion, given that it will be on the edge of the observable universe of B.

There is no record of mass increase or anomalies that humanity in A has measured or observed, which makes us think:

1º That expansion doesn’t exist, or

2º That what was predicted by Einstein is not fulfilled, or

3º That we are the center of the universe or that the universe is a state reticulated of infinite and timeless energy.



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